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About CP Moyen

CP Moyen Company was founded in Skokie, Illinois during the early 1950’s as a small specialty lacquer and thinner manufacturer. As years passed, the company began to put its roots down predominantly within the Loudspeaker industry, and as a result quickly expanded their portfolio to include specialty adhesives, coatings, and epoxies.

Now with present-day operations located in Lancaster, Wisconsin, CP Moyen has further expanded its offerings to serve manufacturers in the automotive, electronics, construction, and technology industries on a global basis.

Our storied experience has enabled us to custom develop and alter our exclusive formulas to meet an array of different substrates and applications, while maintaining competitive pricing, high product quality, and flexible order quantities.

You can expect the team at CP Moyen to find your company the optimal adhesive, coating, or epoxy as we intimately understand that off-the-shelf products dare to travel where our specialty formulations will.

CP Moyen is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company. 

CP Moyen Facility
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