C.P. Moyen Co.

C.P. Moyen Company has been a family owned and operated business since it opened its doors in 1952. Our continued dedication to quality and commitment to meeting the needs of our customers allow us stand out in our industry.


At C.P. Moyen our policy is based on establishing and maintaining the highest level of quality in each and every function of our business.  One of the ways we ensure quality is through the implementation of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.  We are committed to provide our product right the first time with on time deliveries to our customers.

Custom Adhesives
Quality Objectives:
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction
  • On -Time Deliveries to our Customers
  • Continuous Improvements of our Quality Management System
  • Conformance to customer requirements

Complete customer satisfaction will be determined using customer satisfaction surveys sent out on an annual basis.  The results of the surveys will be analyzed and measured and appropriate actions will be taken based on the results.
On-time delivery of C.P. Moyen products to customers will be monitored via the customer satisfaction survey and by continuous monitoring of delivery performance on an ongoing basis.  Any case of late delivery will be analyzed and appropriate action taken as necessary.
Continuous improvements of our quality management system in as many areas of the quality management system as possible will be identified and followed up on as appropriate through internal auditing, corrective and preventive action and results of management reviews.
Conformance to customer requirements will be recorded by reviewing Finish Material Daily Log and monitoring the action plan process.  The results of the process will be analyzed and measured and appropriate actions will be taken based on the results.

Toll manufacturing available for solvent, water, latex, neoprene, & epoxy based products. All of our adhesives can be modified to your application — our chemist will be glad to work with you!

Water base
Rubber base
Solvent base
Labeling adhesive
Pressure sensitive adhesives
Plastic adhesives
Heat sealing adhesives
Contact adhesives
Sprayable adhesives
Wood adhesives
High temperature
Coil Winding

 5 Minute fast tack
High Temperature
High strength
Long Pot life
Potting Compounds

Lacquer thinners
Shellac thinners
Blended thinners
Cleaning thinners
Custom thinners
Industrial Solvent & Thinners

Cloth sealers
Paper coatings
Flame retardant coatings
Waterproofing coatings
PVC coatings

Wood Sealers
Nitrocellulose lacquers
Acrylic lacquers

Polypropylene primers
Polyethylene primers

C.P Moyen Co.
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Lancaster, WI 53813
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