C.P. Moyen Co.
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C.P. Moyen Co. Inc. was founded in the 1930’s as a small specialty lacquer & thinner manufacturer. The company then became involved with the Loudspeaker Industry and expanded their product line to include adhesives ,coatings, and epoxies .

We presently target products to manufacturers in the automotive & electronics  markets on a global basis.

C.P. Moyen’s experience of our customer needs enables us to maintain flexibility in customizing products. We can offer competitively priced products and maintain product integrity.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 registered company
Certification Number: 0Y971-2

Water base
Rubber base
Solvent base
Labeling adhesive
Pressure sensitive adhesives
Plastic adhesives
Heat sealing adhesives
Contact adhesives
Sprayable adhesives
Wood adhesives
High temperature
Coil Winding

 5 Minute fast tack
High Temperature
High strength
Long Pot life
Potting Compounds

Lacquer thinners
Shellac thinners
Blended thinners
Cleaning thinners
Custom thinners
Industrial Solvent & Thinners

Cloth sealers
Paper coatings
Flame retardant coatings
Waterproofing coatings
PVC coatings

Wood Sealers
Nitrocellulose lacquers
Acrylic lacquers

Polypropylene primers
Polyethylene primers

C.P Moyen Co.
7596 US Highway 61 South
Lancaster, WI 53813
Ph# 608-723-2128 / Fx# 608-723-7775
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